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Attractions in Kangding

Nanwu Lamasery Nanwu Lamasery is the most active lamasery in the area with around 80 lamas in residence. Set in the west of town on the northern bank of the river, it affords good views of Dartsendo (Kangding) and the valley. Walking south along the main road, following its bend to the left for 2km, crossing the bridge at the southern end of town and walking another 300m, you will find a dirt path that follows a stream uphill to the lamasery next to a walled Han Chinese cemetery.

Anjue Lamasery  
You can also visit Anjue Lamasery, which is a fairly quiet temple with several monks and a few old prayer wheels. The temple is located in downtown.
Lhagang (Tagong) Grassland  
About 110 km northwest of Dartsendo (Kangding) lay the Lhagang (Tagong) Grassland, a vast expanse of green meadow surrounded by snow-capped peaks and dotted with Tibetan herdsmen and tents. An annual horse racing festival features thousands of local Tibetan herdsmen and Tibetan opera.

Mogetso Lake
There are several mountain lakes and hot springs near Dartsendo. Lying 26 km to the north of town up the Yala Valley, Mogetso Lake is one of the highest lakes in northwestern Sichuan with an altitude of  3700m. Local also boast that it`s one of the most beautiful lakes. Trails around the lake lead to other smaller lakes such as the Red Sea and Seven Color Lake. Mogetso Lake is such a popular destination that they have made the area into a park. Don`t stop at the lower lake (where the crowds are) but keep on going to the upper lake, which has beautiful sand bars and pristine scenery.

Elsewhere in Dartsendo (Kangding) County is Hailougou--a glacier park at the foot of Gongga Shan that`s very popular with Chinese tourists. It makes a great starting point for treks in the Mt.Minya Konka region.
For the really adventurous trip, you can try to get to Kazhi Gonpa (Gao`er Si in Chinese). This is a collection of 200-year-old stone buildings deep in a valley with about 100 monks, Sakyapa. To get there,you can take the bus toward Yajiang. The bus takes about four hours to go over Tsedo La, pass through the town of Xinduqiao, and climb through forest to another pass. Just at the pass, you should look for a dirt road leaving the main highway on your left. Getting off the bus here, on this dirt road you will have a spectacular view of Mt.Minya Konka, if the weather is clear. Walk about 1 km to Kazhi monastery, which is just barely in Dartsendo (Kangding) County. The monks will be utterly amazed to see you. Bring some food and compensate for lodging with a cash donation to the monastery.

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