About us

February 21st 2019 20:56:00

Travel Sichuan Guide, the online travel agency under Chengdu B2B Travel Service Co., Ltd, is a leading tour operator addressed to people who want to discover China Sichuan province. We firstly began to operate the tour in Sichuan in 1998. Till this year, we have specialized in all kinds of Sichuan Tours. After 18 years' rapid development, Travel Sichuan Guide  has evolved into a company based in Chengdu under the management of Chengdu Twin Win International Travel service to operate tours focusing on Sichuan.

We are based in Chengdu,the capital city of Sichuan, which is well known as the 'homtown of pandas' and 'gourmet city'. All of our partners and cooperation units  such as hotels, tour buses and restaurants, are best selected to guarantee the service quality. Our tour experts have travelled almost every place of Sichuan province,  for example Ganzi Kham area, Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, Leshan buddha and Mt.Emei, Shunan Bamboo Forest, Jianmenguan Pass Ancient Sichuan Road so that we know what real Sichuan is.

We work hard everyday to provide our customers and partners professional and reliable service. We have established solid relationship with major airlines and hotels, so that you can get unbeatable prices, but guaranteed services. 
Our English-speaking guides have rich experiences and knowledge. 
Good vehicles, experienced drivers, well-chosen hotels and restaurants ensure you a nice trip with safety, comfort and more choices.

We customize your tour based on your needs, and provide unlimited modifications to meet your extra demand. With our well-organized and customized tour, all the customers found the real beauty of China Sichuan province. Many of them come once again, and are very happy to recommend us to their families and friends.

正本_副本.jpgOur Mission & Vision
Based in Chengdu, Travel Sichuan Guide is a dynamic and professional Sichuan tour provider and operator that covers every place Sichuan. www.travelsichuanguide.com provides a platform that bridges cultures, particularly Sichuan Culture and Tibetan culture in  southwest China, and its natural beauty,  to organize people from all over the world (English-speaking) to discover the real Sichuan province with your genuine view. 

Through our innovative and industry-leading online portal (www.travelsichuanguide.com), we provide our customers and potential customers fast response, up-to-date information, professional travel consultant & solution, customized tour plan, and excellent tour operation. 

Travel Sichuan Guide seeks to be China's best online travel provider of Sichuan tours; the business community's primary conduit to the people from all over world; and a respected team to our customers and the tourism industry. 

Services Offered by Travel Sichuan Guide
*Tour packages in Sichuan and bordering provinces like Yunnan,Tibet,Guizhou and Qinghai.
*Getting Tibet Entry Permit (TTB), Alien Travel Permit (PSB), and Military Permission. 
*Tailor-made tours to meet your distinctive needs or requirements such as honeymoon, photography, incentive and business types etc. 
*Adventure tours in Sichuan such as trekking, rafting, cycling and climbing 
Overland expedition to Lhassa from Sichuan, Yunnan, Kathmandu, Yunnan, Qinghai. *Domestic air tickets within China 
*International air tickets to/from China 
*Hotel reservation.