Dagu Glacier Park

inside of the park .jpgDagu Glacier Park-A pearl of Sichuan Kham Tibetan Region

Type:Glacier, primitive forest, alpine azalea

Best Seasons: All the year Around
Recommended Visiting Time: 0.5~1 day
Popular Activities: See the wild animals like golden monkey,wild ox; experience the glacier scenery and flowers 
Opening Time: All day
Entrance ticket: 200RMB/person from Apr.1-Nov.15 

                         80RMB/person from Nov.16-Mar.31

   Note:The children under 1.3 meters are free of charge.

Caable car fee:220RMB/person

Inside sightseeing bus: 88RMB/person

Address: Heishui county,Aba Autonomous Prefecture,Sichan,China

Overview of Dagu Glacier Park

Dagu Glacier Park covers an area of 842sq.km, including the park area for 210sq.km and primitive forest area for 632sq.km.It's the infrequent modern glacier in the world,belongs to the Heishui county, Aba Autonomous Prefecture,Sichuan province.It 's the lowest, largest and youngest glacier in the world.There are more than 1000 species of the wild plants,153 species of wild animals, including sichuan golden monkey, Tibetan macaque, antelope and argali. The ancient icebergs are permeated with historical precipitation, showing a beautiful picture of folk customs. Glaciers, snow-capped mountains, colorful forests, Tibetan villages and lakes complement each other. The culture of sucking wine, armor dance, multi-voice folk song and red army culture have a long history. From June 1935 to August 1936, the first and fourth front armies of the Chinese workers' and peasants' red army made nearly 90,000 visits to the changde snow mountain and dagu snow mountain in the scenic area, and held the most famous "meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee" on the long march at maurgai under the dagu snow mountain.

Highlights of Dagu Glacier Park

The highest elevation of Dagu Glacier Park.jpgGlacier landscape

The Dagu Glacier Park is not known by the tourists from home and abroad until 1992, the Japanese scientists found hidden in the mountains of her by satellite, and in August in the same year came to blackwater, gave her a week-long inspection. Finally, they find it is the world's lowest, largest and youngest glaciers; It is the closest glacier to the central city and the most beautiful glacier in the glacier area up to date.

The primivate forest

The primeval forest of dagu glacier is well protected and has a strong primitive flavor, which is even better than that of the primeval forest of kalong gully. When setting out for the glacier, the ancient ice park should first pass through the primeval forest of the daguo glacier scenic area and walk through the forest. All kinds of tall and straight trees are laid on top of each other to block out the sun and make people feel quiet and mysterious. The forest, dozens of meters high, several closed thick old trees everywhere, color is bright red, soft moss and thick pine needles shop into the depths of the dense forest.
The primeval forests of the dagu glacier.A stream, flying splash jade, huan played the most primitive notes, refreshing. The gap through the woods, see the cliff opposite a huge mountain spring spewing out, a vertical cascades, formed more than 200 meters high, more than 50 meters wide waterfall, if standing over waterfalls on the bottom of the waterfall, as tens of millions of stars glittering and translucent water droplets into a white curtain, sky, FeiSa a mist like a small rain, let a person as if place oneself Yu Haitian fog, named as "top gun" waterfall.

cable car.jpgFairyland
Along the black river downstream, on both sides of the castle peak green, the air is fresh, through the ancient Tibetan village, to move forward, towering old trees, lush, panoramic view of alpine valleys amorous feelings, further on, a wide meadows appeared in sight, white, yellow, pink, colorful flowers is full of the meadow, purples, beautiful, standing in the meadow, and refreshing floral notes. The meadow is filled with colorful butterflies and flocks of cattle and sheep. When the weather is clear, the meadow can overlook the glacier. After crossing the meadow, we soon came to the ancient ice park at the foot of the glacier. The park was surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery. The primeval forest, alpine meadow and mountain stream decorated her to the full, which made her beautiful at least.
Dongcuo sea of sun and moon
Beyond the rhododendron forest, across a ridge, the olive dumbbell shape of the kocuo sun and moon sea lies still, 1500 meters long and 300 meters wide. Staring at the sun and moon sea, she is like a deep feeling of the girl's silent eyes, bright and quiet, heartening, is the light here stagnation, sound here disappear, occasionally mountain breeze, the lake microwave ripples, just slightly feel the existence of life.
Alpine azalea forest
Through the vast Lin hai, at an altitude of 3800-4200 is another of the ancient glacier scenic area between classic - thousands of acres of alpine rhododendron forest, the first in May and June is the best time to admire the cuckoo, see ma azaleas blossom, the airtime, petals red, white the green leaves of foil below, appear very noble, elegant, the bonsai POTS of natural. Mountain wind blows, azalea swaying with the wind, as if in welcoming the guests from afar, people in surprise, can not help but be impressed by its tenacious vitality.