Hongyuan Grassland

Hongyuan grassland Hongyuan(red plain) got its name as Red Army passed this place during the famous Long March, a tough traverse of grassland where there was no nomads living there at that time. Primier Zhou`enlai named this county 'Red Plain' in otder to memorize the Red Army Long March. In the year of 1936, the Red Army passed across the the huge grassland area which was a tough traverse and during those days no nomads were living there at. Today, the grassland is covered with thousands of cattle and sheep, it is hard to imagine the wild past. When spring falls down the grassland flowers are blooming. The endless green grassland is really colorful. People can enjoy the beautiful landscape: the clear blue sky, wild blooming flowers, limitless pasture, the herds of yarks and sheep wandering here and there.

On the grassland near Hongyuan, several white Chortens stand in alignment, their white sacred shape contrasting beautifully to the grassland and blue sky. In Hongyuan, apart from visiting these Chortens, you can also rent a horse from Tibetan nomads to ride on the vast grassland.