Langmusi Tibetan Town

Langmusi, a Tibetan town located at the border between Sichuan and Gansu Provinces in northwest China. Around Langmusi, large area of grasslands are scattered of northwest Sichuan and south Gansu. Small as it is, yet, Langmusi town enjoy a worldwide reputation with its two major cultural features,one is its authentic Tibetan Buddhism, and the other one more importantly, the nomadic lifestyle of local Tibetan people.

On the small town, 2 Langmu temples belonging to Tibetan monasteries yellow sect are standing almost face to face on the mountain slopes divided by a stream running the peaceful town. Large groups of Tibetan monks in red ropes are seen here and there on the slope reading Buddhist books or debating something. Actually, the temples are not just monasteries but also Buddhist Colleges. Local tibetan people send kids to study in the temples when they are very young.

Langmusi TownLangmusi tibetan town

Langmusi town won its worldwide fame by the local Tibetans' nomadic life besides the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Trekking across the rolling green hills you can experience the nomad life by staying with real nomadic families. The nomads live off the land and their day is filled with activities. You can watch or help the Tibetan women milk yaks, make butter, and dry yak dung-which is used for fuel. You can also watch Tibetan men herd the yaks and sheep.

Walking in this small Tibetan town, people are always surprised by so many foreigners on the street. In fact, Langmusi is a paradise for backpackers and those visitors who want to expore the real Tibetan life.