Yangtze Cableway

Yangtze Cableway

Opening Hours: 7:30am-22:30pm

Entrance Ticket: 30RMB/person for round way;20RMB/person for single way

Recommended Length of Visit: 10-30minutes(take round way)

Location: 151 Shanghua Road,Yuzhong District ; 

                   4 Shangxin Road,Nanan District

Yangtze River Cableway.jpgOverview of Yangtze Cableway

The Yangtze River Cableway, located in chongqing, China, is the second Yangtze River Cableway in chongqing (the first is jialing River Cableway which has been dismantled). It has been in operation for 30 years and is honored as the "first air corridor of the Yangtze River" and "mountain city air bus".

The Yangtze Cableway, with a total length of 1166 meters, connecting yuzhong district and nanan district of chongqing, and commuting between xinhua road (xiaoshizi railway station) of yuzhong district and shangxin street of nanan district,.The  maximum capability of Yangtze Cableway is 10,500 per day,with a speed of 6 meters per second, 4 minutes for single way.

On December 15, 2010, the Yangtze river cableway was reputed as a municipal cultural relic protection unit by the chongqing municipal government.On February 6, 2018, it reached the requirements of the national 4A tourist attractions standard and was approved as a national 4A tourist attractions.

Cableway in Chongqing.jpgTransportation

1,Yuzhong District

Take metro line 1 or line 6 and get off at Xiaoshizi Station,then leave from Exit 5 and walk several minutes to the entrance of the Yangtze Cableway.

2,Nanan District

Take metro line 6 and get off at Shangxinjie Station,then leave from Exit 1 and walk about 10 minutes catch the Yangtze Cableway.


1,Yangtze Rvier Cableway has implemented a rea-name booking system since Novmber 2018,requiring tourists to book ticket by their valid  ID card or passport. 

2,Generally speaking, you will spend much more time waiting in line than taking the Yangtze River Cableway,for the running time of the cableway is only 4 minutes each time.