Five-color lake(Danzengcuo lake) of Yading nature reserve

Five color sea, Danzengcuo lake in Tibetan language, is another highland lake located inYading Five color lake.jpg Yading nature reserve. For the light refraction, the water in this lake appears five different colors and the local tibetans call lakes Haizi(sea), this lake got its name five-color sea. The five color sea is loacted between the Chenresig mountain and Jambeyang  mountain. It has an elevation of 4,600m and an area of 0.7 hectare.The glacier is running down to the bottom of this lake, the crystal clear water reflects the snow peaks and shows a corlorful surface. As one of the holy lakes in Sichuan Tibetan area, it is said that the five-color sea can date back history and predict future.