Yading climate and weather

Most of the daytime, it has pleasant sunshine at Yading nature reserve but in the nights it snows in the night even sometimes in summer. Due to the high altitude, the weather changes quickly between daytime and night time. Usually, there is a temperature difference around 10'C. Rich rainfalls and fogs are commonly seen in summer from July to early September. Because most of the places in Yading nature reserve are over 4,000 meters high, Yading's average temperature in summer is about 50'F (10'C) while in summer is about 23'F (-5'C). The best season to visit Yading is between May and October.


Here is a form of the average temperature and precipitation in each month for your reference:

 Month  Jan.  Feb.  Mar.  Apr.  May  Jun.  Jul.  Aug. Sep.   Oct.  Nov.  Dec.
Temperature('C)  -5.9  -3.6  0.3 4.4  9.2  11.5 11.9  11.1  9.7  5.2  -0.6  -4.7
 Precipitation(mm)  0.5  1.4  3.2  13.9  33.8  119.1  186  160.2  92.3  22.6  2.5  1


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