Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain-Most Beautiful Mountain in China

Type: World Heritage Site, Geologic Formations, Nature and Parks
Best Time: from March to November
Recommended Visiting Hours: about 2 days
Popular Activities: hiking, photography, enjoy hot springs
Open Hours: 06:30am~16:30pm
Tickets: 190RMB/person (excluding the cableway)
Address: Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province; 65 km from Huangshan downtown area

Overview of Yellow Mountain 

Yellow Mountain, also Mt. Huangshan was listed as World Heritage Site in 1992. It is famous for the five wonders – odd-shaped pines, spectacular rocky peaks, sea of clouds, hot spring and winter snow. It is located in Anhui Province, is also known as Huangshan Mountain, Mount Huang or Mt. Huangshan. It is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the most visited scenic destinations in China.Praised as the loveliest mountain in China, Yellow Mountain has attracted millions of travelers to enjoy its breathtaking Magical Wonders - “Odd-shaped Pines, Spectacular Rocky Peaks, Sea of Clouds, Hot Spring and Winter Snow”. As the popular ancient Chinese saying goes, "Trips to China's five great mountains render trips to other mountains unnecessary, and a trip to Huangshan renders the trips to the five great mountains unnecessary", Yellow Mountain will never disappoint any of its guests. Whenever you come, you always find visual-feast landscapes to enjoy - awesome sunrise and sunset, fantastic sea of clouds and incredible rocky peaks, beautiful pine trees, pure snow.

Main Scenic Areas in Mount Huangshan

Front Huangshan Mountain (Jade Screen Scenic Area)

Location: front of Yellow Mountain, near to Yuping Cableway Station
Recommended Visiting Hours: about 3-6 hours
Main Sights: Greeting Guest Pine, Jade Screen Peak, Celestial Capital Peak, and Lotus Peak
“No visit to Jade Screen Scenic Area, no real Yellow Mountain you’ll see”. Jade Screen Scenic Area is located at the front of Yellow mountain. It owns some of the most breathtaking views, including the symbol of Yellow Mountain – Greeting Guest Pine, the highest peak on the mountain – Lotus Peak (1864.8m). Another peak, Celestial Capital Peak is also very popular with hiking lovers. From Jade Screen Scenic area, one can walk directly to the central mountaintop – Bright Summit.
Back Huangshan Mountain (Beihai Scenic Area)
Location: eastern side of Yellow Mountain, near to Yungu Cableway
Recommended Visiting Hours: about 2-3 hours
Main Sights: Lion Peak, Begin-to-believe Peak, Stone Monkey Watching the Sea, Refreshing Terrace
Beihai Scenic Area is a wide and open region on the top region of Yellow Mountain over 1600 meters high. It is one of the two most popular tourist centers on the mountaintop connecting Yungu Cableway. It features in lofty peaks, clouds sea, terraces, pine trees, and historical sites. Many tourists start Yellow Mountain trips from Beihai Scenic Area, and also finish here. From this area, Bright Summit and West Sea Grand Canyon are within walking distance.
Central Huangshan Mountaintop (Tianhai Scenic Area)
Location: in the middle of Yellow Mountain, near to Baiyun Hotel
Recommended Visiting Hours: about 2 hours
Main Sights: Bright Summit, Flying-over Rock
Tianhai Scenic Area is the central mountaintop of Yellow Mountain. The second highest peak Bright Summit (1860m) dominates at the center of all other peaks. It is also the junction of all roads and paths on the mountain, where you can move to front mountain, back mountain and West Sea Grand Canyon. The famous Flying-over Rock is only 20 minutes’ walking from the Bright Summit.
West Sea Grand Canyon
Location: western side of Yellow Mountain, accessible from West Gate
Recommended Visiting Hours: about 2~5 hours
Main Sights: 1st Ring, 2nd Ring, Fairy-Walking Bridge
West Sea Grand Canyon is a dreamland on Yellow Mountain, a recommended highlight of Huangshan hiking. It is also known as the Mystery Valley for its wildness and fathomless valleys. Half-day hiking starts from Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, then visits the 1st Ring and 2nd Ring, and returns to Dispelling Cloud Pavilion, which spends about 3 hours. A full-day hiking connects the hiking route from Dispelling Cloud Pavilion to the bottom (a tourist center) of the West Sea Grand Canyon to the Baiyun New Path (Three Creeks - Fairy-walking Bridge – Baiyun Hotel). The full-day hiking takes about 6~7 hours to finish.
(Please Note: from December to the middle March of next year, West Sea Grand Canyon is usually closed for the cold weather and heavy snow. From Mar. 15 of 2019, the West Sea Grand Canyon is open for travelers and you can choose to hike or take monorail for sightseeing as you like)