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In China, when people talk about Huangshan, he may refer to two different places. One is Huangshan City, which is one tourists’ city in Anhui Province, and Tunxi District is the downtown area. The other meaning is Mt. Huangshan (also called Yellow Mountain and Huangshan Mountain) in the southern Anhui province, well known for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly-shaped peaks, winter snow.
Huangshan can be reached conveniently by flights or high speed trains from many domestic cities and several international cities. Most popular gateway cities to Guilin include Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Beijing and Shanghai are two top tourist destinations with many international flights, so they can be reached easily. From Beijing and Shanghai, there are nonstop flights and high speed trains to Huangshan. Hangzhou is quite close to Huangshan and you can transfer between them within 2 hours usually. Moreover, Hangzhou Huangshan High Speed Rail is one of the most popular high speed rails for the wonderful landscape.

Get to/away Huangshan City
★By Air
Taking a flight is the most effective way to get to Huangshan. Currently, there are over 20 domestic airlines and 5 international airlines operating to/from Huangshan Tunxi International Airport. Thus, you can directly fly to Huangshan from top Chinese tourist cities, including Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan etc. by domestic flights as well as some other cities including Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Busan and Singapore by international flights.

黄山机场.jpgHuangshan Tunxi International Airport.jpgOverview of Huangshan Tunxi International Airport
Serving for the tourists to Yellow Mountain, Huangshan Tunxi International Airport (also known as Tunxi Airport) is at Tunxi District, about 7 kilometer away from the downtown city and 66 km away from the Yellow Mountain. As the main international airport serving for Huangshan and surrounding tourist areas, it is one of the most important transfer spots to Yellow Mountain. With a good location near downtown Huangshan, it’s quite easy to transfer from Huangshan Tunxi International Airport to your hotels in Huangshan City. There are airport shuttle buses running between the airport and the downtown at costs around 6 RMB. Taxi is also accessible and efficient. With a transfer in Huangshan Bus Station, you can take a bus to Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village, Xidi Village and other surrounding atractions.
By Train
Nowadays, traveling by train, especially high speed train becomes more and more popular in China. Because you can not only enjoy the comfortable environment, but also get a fantastic view of outside scenery. Till now, there are more than 50 trains running to/through Huangshan (North Railway Station) from some major cities in China. You can easily get to Huangshan from Beijing (5 ~ 6 hours), Shanghai (2.5~3.5 hours), Hangzhou (2 hours) and Suzhou (3~4 hours). Some other cities like Xian, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, Zhengzhou and others.

Overview of Huangshan North Railway Station
There are two railway stations in Huangshan used for passengers, namely Huangshan Railway Station (黄山站) and Huangshan North Railway Station (黄山北站). Huangshan North Railway Station operates high speed trains only. Located in the economic development zone of Huangshan City, Huangshan North Railway Station is the transportation hub of Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Railways, Hangzhou-Huangshan High Speed Railways and Anhui-Jiangxi High Speed Railways. There are daily buses running from Huangshan North Railway Station to Huangshan City, Yellow Mountain, and some other scenic attractions like Hongcun Village, Xidi Village, Huizhou Ancient City, etc. 
By Long-distance Bus
If you want a more economical way to travel to Huangshan, it is available to take a long distance bus to Huangshan from some nearby cities, like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jiuhuashan, Hefei, Ningbo, etc. Among these travelers who are interested in taking Long-distance Bus, most travelers choose to start their journey from Hangzhou and Shanghai. During 06:50~18:20, there are 17 daily buses running from Hangzhou to Huangshan, most of them departing from Hangzhou East Station (杭州西站) to Huangshan Bus Station(黄山客运总站) in Huanghan City. The whole trip takes about 4 ~ 5 hours. Some buses also arrive in Tangkou, the base of Yellow Mountain. During 06:00~17:00, Shanghai also operates about 25 long-distance buses to Huangshan. The most frequently-used station in Shanghai is Shanghai Bus South Station (上海客运南站). Most Shanghai Huangshan Buses arrive at Huangshan Bus Station and some arrive in Tangkou as well. In addition to Shanghai and Hangzhou, some other cities also run buses to Huangshan, including Nanjing, Jiuhuashan, Hefei, Ningbo, etc.  
Get to Yellow Mountain

Huangshan City (Tunxi) to Yellow Mountain

After getting to Huangshan by flight or train, most travelers prefer a short stay in Huangshan City (also called Tunxi by local people). From Huangshan City, it’s quite easy to transfer to Yellow Mountain. Yellow Mountain is located in Tangkou Town, about 60km away from Tunxi. Travelers usually need to get to Tangkou Transfer Center first and then take a 20~30 minutes’ park bus to Yellow Mountain Scenic Area. The driving journey from Tunxi to Tangkou takes about 50 minutes. For independent travelers, there are regular buses departing from Huangshan Bus Station to Tangkou during 05:30 ~ 17:00.

Huangshan North Railway Station to Yellow Mountain

Huangshan North Railway Station is located in the outskirts of Huangshan City, about 20km away from the downtown. If you take an early train to Huangshan North Railway Station, it is also available to travel to Yellow Mountain directly. Huangshan Tourism Passenger Transport Hub (at Huangshan North Railway Station) runs daily buses to Tangkou as well. There is one bus departs from Huangshan North Railway Station in every 40 minutes during 09:15~17:20. 

Hongcun and Xidi to Yellow Mountain
Only a Huangshan tour combing Yellow Mountain and at least one ancient village can be a complete Huangshan tour. The distance between Tangkou Town and Hongcun Village is 35 kilometers and the driving journey takes about 45 minutes. There are daily buses operated between Hongcun Village and Yellow Mountain as well. The bus goes every one hour between 06:50am and 14:50pm, and the last bus leaves at 16:30pm. Just like other to/from connecting Hongcun, Hongcun-Yellow Mountain buses also stop in Xidi Village.
Inner Traffic in Yellow Mountain
Hiking is the most popular way to travel Yellow Mountain. However, cable car and sedan chair are helpful to save your energy and time.
Cable Car: If you are not a serious hiker and plan to have a few days to explore Mt. Huangshan, the cable car is a must while climbing the mountain. It will not only save you time and effort, but also help you get a bird’s eye view of Yellow Mountain and its surrounding area. There are four cableways, containing Yungu Cableway, Yuping Cableway, Xihai Ropeway and Taiping Cableway. You can decide which one to choose according to your visiting route. All of them will give you a wonderful experience. Check detailed Huangshan Cable Cars>
Sedan Chair: Sedan Chair Transport Service is a traditional transportation vehicle in Yellow Mountain. It’s quite safe to use this service because the chairs are well-designed and the bearers are highly-treated. Hiring a sedan chair, travelers are able to travel beautiful Yellow Mountain with less physical-demanding hiking. It is frequently loved by the aged and children. This service is charged in regulated price according to the length and different levels. 

Go to to Hongcun and Xidi

Huangshan City to Hongcun and Xidi
Apart from Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village and Xidi Village are must-be-visited villages which are recognized as World Cultural Heritages Sites by UNESCO. Some travelers will visit Hongcun Village or Xidi Village or both them before Yellow Mountain. Hongcun Village is about 70km away from Huangshan City and the driving between them cost about 1.5 hours. In most cases, Huangshan Bus Station runs about 8 daily buses to Hongcun Village from 8:00 ~ 16:00. All the bus will take a stop in Xidi Village. Xidi is just located between Huangshan City and Hongcun Village, and 20km away from Hongcun Village.
Huangshan North Railway Station to Hongcun and Xidi
After you get to Huangshan by high speed train and arrive at Huangshan North Railway Station, it is also available to get to Hongcun or Xidi Village and spend a night there. There are daily buses running between Huangshan North Railway Station and Hongcun Villages. These buses also stop in Xidi Village in route. The whole journey takes about 2 hours to cover 89 kilometers. Usually, you can reach Xidi Village from Huangshan North Railway Station within 1.5 hours. 

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