The Chinese often refer to Sichuan as the Heavenly Kingdom ( Tian Fu Zhi Guo), a reference to the province's abundance in natural resources and cultural heritage. Sichuan boasts a lot of mountains, rivers and historic relics. UNESCO inscribed Jiuzhaigou, HuangLong scenic area, Mount Emei with the Leshan Giant Buddha, and Mount Qingcheng-Dujiangyan Irrigation Project on the World Heritage List in 1992, 1996 and 2000 respectively.


D 1Chengdu airport pick up

Chengdu airport pick-up service when you land in Chengdu, a city most famous for its  food, pandas and silk products; then transfer to your hotel. You can have a good rest on the first day after the long hours flying, or free wandering at the Wenshufang Folk Culture Community close to your hotel if you are eager to explore the city.  

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Chengdu Ruicheng Celebrity Hotel

D 2Chengdu City Tour to Pandas and Wuhou Temple,Sichuan Opera Show.

In the morning, make an exciting visit to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding where more than 100 Giant Pandas born by artificial insemmination dwell, and it is an important scientific research center of Pandas as well. Walk at leisure on the bamboo decorated paths and deeply breathe the fresh air in the park , observe differently aged giant pandas in enclosures eating bamboos, playing with each other, rolling up and down of the racks, climbing trees...... When you happen to visit the base when new cubs are born, you'll have chances to see mom pandas nursing their cubs in nursery. Spend 10-15 minutes to watch an informative documentary to learn more scientific facts about pandas, drive back to downtown for lunch.

In the Afternoon, drive to visit Wuhou temple, which was built as momorial of a Shu kingdom's premier during Three Kingdom period(1-2 Century); afterwards, have a walk at old Jinli street next by. Late afternoon drive to visit Wenshu Buddhist Temple, which was built during the Tang Dynasty, it is the largest and best-preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. Have the wonderful taste of the vegetarian food at the Temple for dinner. In the evening enjoy the cultural show - Sichuan Opera at tea house, which lasts for 1.5 hours. 

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Chengdu Ruicheng Celebrity Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
  • Panda twins

    Panda twins

  • Wuhou Temple

    Wuhou Temple

D 3Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mt.Qingcheng Sightseeing

The guide and driver will meet you at your hotel in the morning, and drive to Mt.Qingcheng about 1.5 hours, then visit Mt. Qingcheng, a famous mountain of China Taoism. Hike about half hour to Yuecheng Lake lying quietly at the waist of the mountain, then take Buyun cable car  for 5 minutes up to the mountain; walk to the mountain top and visit the historical Taoism temples along the way, such as the Shangqing Temple, Laojun Pavilion,having a touch of Taoism culture by visiting these traditional Chinese architectures and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Afterward, walking down the Taosit mountain and transfer to Dujiangyan Irrigation System. It is an irrigation project built in 256 BC. The system was scientificly designed under Taoism philosphy "the Harmony between Human Beings and Nature", which made it still workable to irrigate large areas of Chengdu plain. Visiting the three main parts of Dujiangyan Irrigation System: Yuzui(Fish-mouth like dike), Feishayan(Sand-Spilling Dam), Baopingkou(Precious Bottle Neck), and you will be shocked by the ancient Chinese wisdom.

Drive back to Chengdu and end today's activity.

Accommodation: Chengdu Ruicheng Celebrity Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
  • Mt.Qingcheng


  • Dujiangyan Irrigation

    Dujiangyan Irrigation

D 4Chengdu-Leshan-Emeishan

After the breakfast in your hotel, we will leave Chengdu for Leshan Giant Buddha. It is a ride of 2 hours by the expressway, sightseeing the beautiful rural scene of Chuanxi Plain while driving on the way. The rice fields, vegetable greenhouses, grape garden and tea plants are laid out along the expressway. Reach Leshan Giant Buddha at noon, after having lunch we will visit the Giant Buddha Statue. The project was built in China's Tang Dynasty, for the huge quantities, totally, it took 90 years to complete the Buddha Statue. As tall as 71 meters, the Buddha Statue occupies a whole mountain cliff facing the conjuction point of 3 rivers, hence there is a proverb passed down generation by generation that"the Buddha is a mountain and the mountain is a Buddha"; after the Buddha visit, continue driving to Emeishan and stay overnight there.

Traffic: Private Car
Accommodation: Emeishan Chanquan Hotel
  • Leshan Giant Buddha

    Leshan Giant Buddha

  • Leshan Giant Buddha

    Leshan Giant Buddha

D 5Emeishan Golden Summit Sightseeing-Chengdu

In the early morning,leaving hotel and changing to pollution-free sightseeing bus at the Mt.Emei bus center, drive about 1.5 hours to Leidongping, then walk up to Jieyin Hall where you can take the cable car to Golden Summit; sightseeing on Goleden Summit and enjoy the cloud sea, the Holy Buddha Statue, Golden and Silver Palace. Afterwards, go down the mountain and return to Chengdu,end the happy tour of Emeishan!( For the visitors who take our 9 days Sichuan World Heritage tour, the hotel tonight is included.)

Traffic: Private Car
Accommodation: Not involved(Stay in Ruicheng Celebrity Hotel for the visitors who take the 9 Days Sichuan World Heritage Tour).
Meals: Breakfast
  • Emeishan Azalea flower

    Emeishan Azalea flower

  • Buddha Statue at Golden Summit

    Buddha Statue at Golden Summit

D 6Chengdu Flight jiuzhaigou airport-Jiuzhaigou

The first day, the driver will send you to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to take the flight to Jiuzhaigou. After a 55-minute flying, you will arrive at Jiuzhaigou airport where the guide will meet you; then drive to hotel directly. 

Traffic: Private car/bus, airplane
Accommodation: Jiuzhaigou 4 Star Standard Hotel
  • Huanglong Park

    Huanglong Park

  • Huanglong Park

    Huanglong Park

D 7Full Day Jiuzhaigou National Park Sightseeing

You will have one full day to spend at Jiuzhaigou National Park. It is a very popular park in China because it has the most beautiful water scenery. With many lakes, waterfalls, and Tibetan villages to explore, you can take the inside sightseeing bus.

During the winter, some of the waterfalls will be frozen on the cliff and the frozen icy waterfalls make Jiuzhaigou in another apperance.

 In the evening, you are suggested to take part in the local Tibetan Culture Show for an option (cost not included.) 

Traffic: Private car/bus, sightseeing bus
Accommodation: Jiuzhaigou 4 Star Standard Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Jiuzhaigou


  • Jiuzhaigou


D 8 Leave Jiuzhaigou – Visit at Huanglong - Take a Flight back to Chengdu

Drive from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong Park( about 2 hours), we will stop at the hightest place of the road where we can see the 5,588 meters high peak-Xuebaoding(Snow pearl summit) of Minshan mountain ranges. Hiking in Huanglong National park and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery composed of primitve forests, calcified waterfalls, Yellow Dragon Bathing cave, the five-colored pool etc. After the sightseeing at Huanglong, we will pass through the ancient city of Songpan (If we had enough, we could have a stop at Songpan ancient city) and transfer to Jiuzhaigou airport directly.

Traffic: Private car/bus, airplane
Accommodation: Not Involved(Ruiceheng Celebrity Hotel for visitors who take our 9 Days Sichuan Heritage Tour).
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Huanglong Park

    Huanglong Park

  • Huanglong Park

    Huanglong Park

D 9Chengdu Airport Dropping-off Service

After you have breakfasts in the hotel, the guide and driver will send you the airport and your 9 days Sichuan Heritage tour end at the airport when you say goodbye to the guide and driver, wish you a nice flight back home.

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Not Involved
Meals: Breakfast


Dates 1 Person 2 Persons 3-6 Persons 7-9 Persons Single Supplyment
Dec.-Mar. 2280
1580 1380 1100 215
Apr.-Jun. 2480 1680 1480 1180 245
Jul.-Nov.15 2680 1780 1580
1280 280


  • Scenic spots' entrance tickets;

  • All the hotel breakfasts;

  • Dinners at Jiuzhaigou hotel.

  • Transportation: Car/ Minivan depends on the number of tourists;

  • English-speaking guide;

  • Hotels ( 4 star standard hotel  room);

  • Inside scenic spots' sightseeing bus;

  • Round-trip flight tickets between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou;

  • Travel Insurance


  • Scenic spots' cable car;

  • All the lunches;

  • Tibetan culture show;

  • Your own expenses;

  • Tips to the guide & driver


  • Huanglong area is generally around 3,500-4,000 meters high, please make sure you are in good physical condition.Visitors with any diseases which easily lead to severe altitude sickness are not suggested to take the tour.

  • All the prices are valid the whole year except for the public holidays or big events in China, such as the National Day holiday from Oct.1 to Oct.7, the spring festival,May day holiday from May.1 to May. 3 etc.

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