Scenic spots in the bamboo forest

Rainbow waterfall

bamboo forest.jpgThere is a famous hydrospace atmosphere in the scenic spot of Bamboo Sea. The calabash-shaped inclining valley stands between the Stone Drum Mountain and Stone Gong Mountain in the Wanli Village in the eastern part. These two mountains stand facing each other and the valley is high and steep. A waterfall, which is about 200 meters high and 4 meters wide, jumps out from the cliff. The sunlight is reflected from the steam forming colorful rings of light. So this waterfall is called as 'Varicolored Waterfall'. It is high and magnificent, facing with the mouth of deep valley. Around afternoon of the fine days, the waterfall is kaleidoscopic under the strong sunshine. It is just like a rainbow, rising slowly from the valley.

Fairy maiden lake 

The exquisite lake is on the top of north area of the bamboo sea. , the water is green and clean with lively view of bamboo forests.jpgfish roaming. Embellished with the bamboo pavilion, stockade, and porch of the banks, this place is just like the homeland of fairy maiden.

Green corridor The road between small bridge and Sanhe boundary, which is about 5 kilometers long. Exuberance bamboos grow freely on both sides, forming a green corridor and making people feel cool in summer.