Bamboo Fungus

In many kinds of special local products of Bamboo Forest, Yibin, Sichuan, bamboo fungus is very famous for bamboo fungus.jpgits good quality. It is world renowned as the empress of fungus and 'the princess in white skirt' for its white netted skirt.

There are a few hundred kinds of edible fungi in the world, and bamboo fungus looks the most lovely, tastes the most delicious, has the most abundant nutrition and is the most valuable for medicine use. Therefore, it is also called 'the botanical chicken'.

Bamboo fungus contains high protein and low fat. There are 8 kinds of amino acids that human body needs -- with a digestible rate of 80%, higher than any other vegetables, and many kinds of trace elements, mineral elements. It has some special medicinal use: it is good for your eyes and lung; it can help lose weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent and resist cancer; it can also strengthen your body, delay going older. Bamboo fungus is the natural antiseptic, and the soup with bamboo fungus will not go bad for a few days even in hot summer.

Bamboo fungus is not only nutritive, but also crisp. It tastes delicious and light. So,bamboo fungus has longBamboo Funguso.jpg been regarded as 'delicacy' through the dynasties and an imperial cuisine in China. It is in great in demand in international market.

Yibin area lies in the subtropical monsoon wet climate, temperate and humid. The soil is the trending acidic red sand soil that can not only hold water but also make water permeate it easily. The environment is very suitable for the growing of bamboo fungus. 

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