The Dagu Glacier Park is the best choice for the tourists who want to see the glacier landscape in such a high elevation scenic spot. Along the journey, you could see the completely primitive forest and beautiful alpine azalea. And learn the custom of Zang and Qiang minorities in Aba Autonomous Prefecture. Then have a look on the great project in Dujiangyan-the Dujiangyana Irrigation System, admire the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people.


D 1Chengdu-Maoxian-Heishui

The tour guide and driver will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel,and then drive to Heishui county directly.Along the road, we will passing by the Dujiangyan, the Wenchuan and Maoxian. And you could see the beautiful scenery outside. The distance between Chenhdu to Heishui is around 300km, we will have lunch in a local restaurant  of Maoxian with the help of the tour guide.And we will stay at the Heishui county for overnight.

Traffic: Private car/bus
Accommodation: Heishui

D 2Full day sightseeing in Dagu Glacier Park

We have a full day sightseeing in Dagu Glacier Park.The highlights in the park are the Glacier landscape, the primivate forest, the fairyland and alpine azalea forest.Maybe you want to save the time and energe to see the whole scenery of this park, you could take a cable in the scenic spot. The Dagu Glacier Park was discoverd by the Japanese scientists in 1992, and it's lowest, largest and youngest glacier in the world.There are more than 1000 species of the wild plants,153 species of wild animals, including sichuan golden monkey, Tibetan macaque, antelope and argali. The ancient icebergs are permeated with historical precipitation, showing a beautiful picture of folk customs. Glaciers, snow-capped mountains, colorful forests, Tibetan villages and lakes complement each other. The culture of sucking wine, armor dance, multi-voice folk song and red army culture have a long history. From June 1935 to August 1936, the first and fourth front armies of the Chinese workers' and peasants' red army made nearly 90,000 visits to the changde snow mountain and dagu snow mountain in the scenic area, and held the most famous "meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee" on the long march at maurgai under the dagu snow mountain

Traffic: Private car/bus
Accommodation: Heishui
Meals: Breakfast
  • Dagu Glacier Park

    Dagu Glacier Park

  • Dagu Glacier Park

    Dagu Glacier Park

  • Snow in the park

    Snow in the park

  • Cable car

    Cable car

D 3Heishui-Dujiangyan Irrigation System-Chenhdu

After eating breakfast in Heishui hotel, we will back to Chengdu from Heishui. On the way, we can stop at the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. Around BC 250 during the Warring States Period, Libing, a governor of Shu in Qin state (present Sichuan Province) with his son directed the construction of Dujiangyan. The governor gave up the old ways of dam building which was simply intend to resist the floodwaters. Instead, he employed a new method by channeling and dividing the water to harness the Minjiang River. He accomplished this by separating the project in to two main parts: the headwork and the irrigation system. The project effectively put the flooding waters under control.On the 29th of november 2000,Dujiangyan Irrigation system and Mt.Qingcheng were placed on the world cultural Heritage list.After the sightseeing in Djiangyan, we will back to Chengdu downtown directly.

Traffic: Private car/bus,sightseeing bus in Dujiangyan
Accommodation: Not Involved
Meals: Breakfast
  • Anlan Suspension Bridge

    Anlan Suspension Bridge

  • Baopingkou


  • Dujiangyan Irrigation system

    Dujiangyan Irrigation system

  • Nan Bridge

    Nan Bridge


Dates 1 Person 2 Persons 3-6 Persons 7-9 Persons Single Supplyment
Dec.-Mar. 898 473 353 216 65
Apr.-Nov. 910 488 388 236 80


  • All senic spots' entrance tickets

  • Transportation: Car or Minivan depends on the number of visitiors

  • English-speaking guide

  • Travel Insurance


  • Your own expenses.

  • Lunch and dinner.

  • Cable car at Dagu Glacier Park; inside sightseeing bus in Dagu Glacier Park and Dujiangyana Irrigation System.

  • Tips to the guide and driver.

  • Hotel in Chengdu.


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