What to Buy in Xian?

  • Xi'an Shopping

During Xian's long history, many handicrafts and specialties  were created, which can represent the culture of Xi'an city, even Shannxi province. Some handicrafts won its name in China, such as shadow puppet, Lantian jade, shadow puppet, clay sculpture, paper cutting, replica of terra-cotta warriors and horeses, and Tang Sancai replica. 

  • Xi'an Lantian Jade

Xi'an lantian jade is one of the top four jade types in China. Produced in Lantian county, Xi'an city, hence it got  its name.For its high quality, hardness, multi-colorfulness, and fine texture,  lantian jade is a nice material for carving. Various jade items with superior quality and exquisite patterns are carved from Lantian jade. The discovery and use  of Lantian jade has a very history. Since the Spring Period (770 BC-476 BC), it has been  popular in the upper class and the royal family. The most famous item made from Lantian jade is the Imperial Seal of Qin Shihuang(the first Emperor of Qin Dynastay).

To buy Lantian Jade, you can go to Lantian county, where 4 old companies still produce Lantian Jade, they are Lantian jade factory, Jade carving craft factory, Yumoxiang, and Shanglinyuan. If time doesn't permit, you find a jade ware store in Xi'an, and buy one with an appraisal certificate.

  • Replica of Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Replica of terra-cotta warriors and horses is replicas of terra-cotta soldiers,  chariots and horses in the Terra-cotta Army formation, the clay sculptures have three kinds, the soldier,  the chariot and the horse, which may be made in different combination. The handicraft items are made in smaller size, and the price is very reasonable. 

You can  buy the Replicas of Terra-cotta Warriors in the stores at the Terra-cotta warriors and horses museum  after you visit the museum, or  you can buy the replicas at  Shannxi History Museum. There is also another place called Shuyuan men, where  visitors can find stores especially selling local handicrafts and antiques.

  • Tang Sancai Replica

Tang Sancai replica is the replica sculpture of Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery. Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery is  a kind of pottery made in Tang Dynasty.The pottery is colorful and the figures are vivid. A genuine Sancai is very valuable, and it  is protected and collected as antique. Therefore, buying Tang Sancai replica sculptures  is a good choice for visitors to Xi'an as a souvenir.

Visitors can buy the Replica of Tang Sancai at Shannxi History Museum, the Muslim or in a handcraft store at Shuyuan men.

  • Clay Sculpture

The clay sculpture of Shaanxi province enjoys a good reputation in China for its long history and superior craftsmanship. Clay sculpture in Shannxi has a long history, and some are unearthed from ancient tombs  of the Spring and Autumn Period about 2,500 years ago. The local people believe the Clay sculpture can bring them happiness and safety. Those clay sculpture are usually made in animal appearance, like rabbit, lion, and tiger.

  • Shannxi Paper-Cutting

Paper cutting  is a traditional folk handicraft in Shaanxi province, it is  loved by local people who would paste exquisitely-making paper cutting on windows or doors in Chinese New Year. Patterns of paper-cutting usually have auspicious meanings, showing people's hope in the coming new year. There are several kinds of skills and methods to cut paper, either simple or complicated. For the soplisticated paper-cutting master, their skillful hands make the paper cuttings a visual feast.

  • Mashao Facial Mask

Mashao Facial Mask or Mashao Lianpu is also a traditional handcraft, which is usually hanged in a living room to guard the house and dispel evil spirits. Mashao Lianpu is carved from wood materials, like paulownia, willow and peach wood, and it is about people's facial expression and painted with bright and distinct colors.

Tourists can buy the above souvenirs and  Xi'an local specialties in Xian shopping streets, Xi'an shopping centers, like Muslim Street, Shuyuan men, Terracotta Warriors Museum.

Shuyuan Men is  highly recommended, which is a street where local traditional handcrafts, antiques, paintings, calligraphic works and ancient books are sold, like Mashao Lianpu, paper cutting, clay sculpture, Sancai replica, and replica of terracotta soldier.

Huajue Lane has lots of small stores especially selling handcrafts and tourism souvenirs. It is only 150 meters away from Muslim Street.

Antique marketes of Xian is located in  the south square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, on every Saturaday, there is an antique market selling old items, like pottery.

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