Eating in Xian

Xi'an Food, also known as Shaanxi Cuisine, is the representative culinary  in northwest China. Because of the abundant use of salt, vinegar, capsicum and garlic, Xi'an Food is in general sour and spicy. We hereby, recommend some Must-eat Food in Xi'an.

  • Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew (Yang Rou Pao Mo)

It is a soup dish with torn wheat flour flat bread, mutton and bean vermicelli. The interesting thing about this dish is that customers can participate in making the dish by tearing the flatbread into small pieces and dip them into the soup, and usually the smaller, the better.  For local eaters, they will add some sugared garlic and thick chili which make the taste of Yang Rou Pao Mo more delicious and appetizing.

  • Liangpi Rou Jia Mo & Liangpi & Ice Peak

Rou Jia Mo , Liangpi and Ice Peak, the Xi'an style Coca Cola is a classic meal for locals, which are worth a try for tourists. Rou Jia Mo is a kind of Chinese-style sandwich made of flatbread and chopped stewed meat. Liangpi is a kind of noodle-like cold dish made of wheat or rice flour. It has various seasonings including special red pepper oil, salt, vinegar, mashed garlic cucumber chips, and bean sprouts. Tourists can get this meal in alomost all the food streets and roadside restaurants in Xi'an.
 Shaanxi Food

In addition to eating some classic snacks, tourists cannot miss Shaanxi cuisine. Gourd-shaped Chicken, Zi Yang Zheng Pen, Braised White Fungus with Medlar, Spicy Pig Kidney, Quick-boiled Pig Tripe with Duck, Fish with White Soup and Stewed Squid Slices are the top dishes of Shaanxi Food.   

  • Noodles

Noodle is the staple food of Xi'an People. There are more than 60 kinds of noodles and dozens of methods to cook it. The first recommended one is Biang Biang Noodles, which got its name for the sound of “biang biang” during the cooking process. The noodle is about 3cm (1.2 in) wide and  1 meter long( 1 yard).

  • Best Xi'an Street Food

Dumpling Stuffed with Hot Gravy (Guan Tang Bao Zi), Cooked Beef/Mutton (La Niu / Yang Rou), Vegetable Stew with Lamb/Beef Ball (Rou Wan Zi Hu La Tang), Honey Glutinous Rice (Feng Mi Zong Zi)… 
Dumpling Dinner: Also well-known as Jiaozi Banquet, it features abundant stuffing, colorful shapes and various cooking methods. 

  • Where to Eat in Xi'an

Popular Snack Streets: Muslim Quarter & Yong Xing Fang

Muslim Quarter, also known as Huimin Jie, is located in Xi'an City Center, next to Drum Tower. Because Muslims like to eat beef and mutton, the most popular foods in Muslim Street are the snacks related to beef and mutton, such as Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew, barbecued mutton, barbecued beef. In addition, Osmanthus Persimmon Cakes, Rou Jia Mo, Glutinous Rice with Jujube, dumpling stuffed with hot gravy and Vegetable Stew with Lamb/Beef Ball are also popular among visitors in Muslim Street.
Yong Xing Fang, another paradise for foodies, is located in Shuncheng Lane, north of the Zhongshan Gate of Xi'an City Wall. It brings togther lots of specialty foods of Shaanxi. The most recommended are: Chengcheng Crumbled Flatbread in Mutton Stew, Qishan Minced Noodles, Laotongguan Rou Jia Mo, Biangbiang Noodles, Hanzhong Rice Noodles, Zichang Pancake and more.

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